Welcome everyone home for Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of year. I love to organize all the cooking and baking. It always turns out to be one of those days when the family just happily hangs out together, watching football, nibbling desserts, and trying to find places to stack more dishes!

I don’t think I’ll ever need an $800 Spode china platter to highlight our feast, but it’s nice to know they have one, just in case. I’ll stick to the beautiful figurines and Thanksgiving welcome flags.

The one thing I won’t forget is to do the printable games. Choose the Thanksgiving package, print out enough for everyone and save the day from 8 year-old’s boredom! Thanksgiving games saved the day last year when the adults were finally ready to relax and the kids were vying for attention. We turned the dining room table over to them and supplied them with pencils and printable games and they were off! Peaceful for almost an hour!

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