Spring brings Easter, Passover, Confirmation, and more

We might not think about renewal when Spring arrives, but we do all feel renewed, when things start to green up and the grays of winter start to disappear. The festivities of Spring revolve around renewal, and new life, and blessings. The Easter season and Passover preparation dominate the days between Mardi Gras and Mothers Day.

Whatever your shopping list contains for the season, you’l find it at one of the many stores here at Lunchbreakshopping. We surveyed over 400 stores and selected a few things to remind you of gift possibilities and help you locate the hard-to-find items on your list.

Our Spring showcase has a few Easter bunny ideas, plus a wonderful plus-size fashion designer if you’re looking for a new dress. Stuffed plush toys are huge at Easter and we have several stores that sell only stuffed plush toys. We featured one of the realistic ones, so you don’t forget that special someone who can’t have a pet, but might be remembering a special dog friend from the past.

Spring is also the time of Church and church occasions, like Confirmation and First Communion, plus many others we haven’t even mentioned. If you are thinking about the gift of Scripture, or perhaps a gold necklace Cross, you’ll find a nice selection at several of our stores. We showcased a Christian cross and also a Bible, but Old Testament scriptures are available, too and many more jewelry choices.

I want to point out the two printable games we featured because it doesn’t matter what time of year that you stumble onto this page, you probably have something planned for the near future that calls for you to provide a group game to play. Think baby shower, bridal shower and any occasion where a group needs to have a little bit of fun, structured, entertainment that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and you can produce something different for a change.

The Funsational Printable Games A-Z store has you covered for every occasion and every season. If you are continually called on to be the partymaster, then by all means, but the annual subscription so you have an instant supply of printable games for any event. But if you usually manage to duck and cover when the boss is seeking volunteers, then you probably just need something for this one occasions when you didn’t hide well enough. :) The games are very affordable and you can buy one particular set (say for Easter Sunday with the grandkids or for Lily’s bridal shower next Sunday) and you’re done!

Quickly now – here are some of the other items we wanted to remind you of: Decorated eggs from Eastern Europe in the Fabrege style – These are hand-made and imported directly from Russia through Russian Legacy. Bunny slippers are everywhere at Crazy for Bargains, which carries family sleepwear: pajamas, robes, slippers, etc. and is known for their fuzzy bunny slippers and animal paw slippers.

If you’re more of a collector, there are authentic nesting dolls with a spring theme, even an Easter rabbit theme. These are also imported through Russian Legacy. Precious Moments collections are represented here, too.

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