Privacy Policy is a public website. Visitors find their way to the site by direct referrals from friends and also by using search engines when looking for shopping, specific stores, specific products, coupons and discount codes.

The purpose of is to combine hundreds of online merchants into one easy-to-use directory that’s organized for the convenience of the shopping mall site visitor. We have no programs to collect any data about our site visitors except the standard site statistic models that tell us how many unique visitors, how many page views, what search terms referred our site and to which page. These analytical programs are the standard of the industry and do NOT tell us anything about you personally.

The only way we have any information about you at all is if you decide to contact us. Our email contact form requires your email so we can protect our site from SPAM attacks.

Just like many brick and mortar shopping malls, is NOT the merchant. We do not represent the merchant for any other purpose than to direct you to their site and in some cases, make recommendations or comparisons about products and services we found on their site. We are not the store, nor do we work for the store. We simply refer you to their site through a link that redirects you from to the merchant site. The technology that redirects your browser automatically records the IP address of the browser and places a cookie on your computer. The IP address does not identify the user and the cookie placed is so the merchant can identify who sent them the customer.


Cookies are used to identify return visitors to a site. The merchant site uses cookies to identify you as a new or return customer. Most of your favorite sites recognize you when you return and often address you by name. You know how Amazon say “We have recommendations for you” when you haven’t even logged in? That’s the cookie.

Many people routinely delete the cookies on their machine in an effort to keep spyware and adware and browser hijackers away. The problem of malicious software is actually much bigger and different than deleting the cookies on your machine will solve. Some of the companies you might be paying to protect your computer even cut deals to block some stores and let others through. Such a deal!

The problem of malicious software and viruses is partially solved by being very careful what emails you open, what sites you visit on the internet, and most importantly of all, what you download or allow to be downloaded onto your computer. It’s very hard sometimes to tell what free downloads are really doorways for future repair bills. I personally avoid toolbars, especially toolbars that promise to keep me continually updated about anything: weather, stocks, etc. Continually updated means you need open communication, right? Shopping toolbars can even play havoc. When you’re invited to shop for a cause, even and especially a good cause, be careful about how you manage that relationship. If you download some “automatic” software into your machine, you are leaving your browser open to being directed where that company wants you to look, not necessarily where you thought you were going.

Bottom line: Cookies are the universal language of transactions on the web. Until there’s a better system, the cookies you allow from the sites you want to use are useful. They simplify your life and they allow the merchant to greet you when you arrive; just like it used to be when retailers were small enough to care that you stopped by.

Our privacy policy is that we keep no information about you during the mall shopping experience. You should refer to the policy of any individual stores you decide to do business with and make sure that any information you share on the web is for a purpose you agree with and is done in a secure way.

Note: The following is required by Yahoo because we sometimes place ads for the mall on their search engine and you might have reached us by clicking on one of those ads.

“We have contracted with Yahoo! Search Marketing to monitor certain pages of our Web site for the purpose of reporting Web traffic, statistics, advertisement ‘click-throughs’, and/or other activities on our Web site. Where authorized by us, Yahoo! Search Marketing may use cookies, Web beacons, and/or other monitoring technologies to compile anonymous statistics about our Web site visitors. No personally identifiable information is collected by or transferred to Yahoo! Search Marketing. For more information about how the information is collected and used by Yahoo! Search Marketing, please see the privacy policy located at or linked from”

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