Little Giant Ladders

You’ve seen the Little Giant Ladders on TV. Yes, this is the same versatile all-in-one ladder you’ve seen demonstrated. Need a stepladder? Need an extension ladder? Need a platform? If you’re a homeowner, then you know that just the basic maintenance chores around the house call for something different in the way of a ladder almost every time.

Quick, step up and change that light bulb. Honey, how are we going to get clear up by the chimney? I would love to clean the siding, dear, but it’s going to take a platform; I just can’t be running up and down a ladder every couple of minutes with a bucket and a scrub brush. Sound familiar? You’re ready for a Little Giant Ladder system.

Our personal triumph with the multipurpose ladder system was when our sailboat spent the winter on dry land. We needed an extension ladder as soon as it got set down in the cradle because now it was 12 feet up in the air! We had to have total trust in the means we used to climb up into the boat to get the cover on and everything lashed down for the winter. Come spring, we needed both an extension ladder and a platform so we could take care of painting, scrubbing, waxing and all the little things that crop up before boating season starts.

The best part about finding all the various ladders we needed in one ladder system? We could fold it up to a size that fit in the back of the small SUV we drive and still leave room for all the buckets, cushions, boxes, bags and totes that go along with driving 2 hours away to work on the boat.

You might be lucky enough to have all your projects on or under one roof, so to speak. But the Little Giant Ladder System is still the ideal way to take care of all types of projects without a second thought about how you’re going to get up there. Little Giant Ladder Systems and all the bells and whistles you might want to go with it.