Happy Tails Canine Spa Line

Every once in awhile you find a product that solves a problem and you want to tell the world. When I first heard about Happy Tails, I went directly to their web site and watched some of the videos about canine spa products that provide solutions to things like itchy skin, bad doggy breath, my dog has gas, and other crazy things that drive our dogs nuts and drive us nuts, too! Happy Tails sounded way too good to be true.

I was especially hopeful about the itchy dog solution, which looked like Fur Butter was the best thing to try first. I had an opportunity to meet the Happy Tails people face to face at an industry meet-up and came home with a bag full of samples for our princess Maggie. Now Maggie is an itchy dog. I don’t think I would go so far as allergies or anything, but she’s all the time scratching and it’s definately her skin and not fleas.

So, I grabbed Maggie and the Fur Butter and started filling the tub. She wasn’t as anxious as I was to give it the old college try, but I saw the spray bottle of “calming scent” in the sample bag and gave that a try first. We had the most enjoyable dog bath I’ve ever taken part in. She did not sit still for the recommended 20 minutes with Fur Butter applied, but I had no trouble with her for 10 minutes and that was enough to not only deeply condition her long silky schnauzer hair, but she was almost itch free for almost a week.

Now, we’ve tried many things: oatmeal shampoos, itch creams, sprays, probably hundreds of dollars worth of stuff over the lifetime of three precious schnauzer friends. Fur Butter wins hands down! I’ll never give up sending Maggie to a professional groomer when she needs a haircut, but now I can easily take care of the maintenance bath on my own.