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Expert Picked Dexterity Toys at ebeanstalk.com

Who is eBeanstalk? eBeanstalk is dedicated to providing the learning toys and educational toys that promote a child’s development…and we go far beyond just toys. eBeanstalk is a place where you can give expert selected newborn toys, baby toys, toddler toys and toys for a preschooler. All of our learning toys are packaged into a GIFT SERIES, where every three months a new gift arrives that is perfectly suited the appropriate stage of a child’s development.

We have 2 teams of experts – A group of Child Specialists (Child Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Child Physical Therapist, pediatric ocupational therapist and a Special Educator) and a group of over 700 moms (affectionately called our Mother Board).

If you are looking to challenge that newborn, toddler or preschooler, then visit eBeanstalk and see what they have to offer!

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