Consumer Disclosure

When you shop through the links at, you are contributing to the profitability of this online shopping mall. How? is in the business of referring new customers to stores they might not know about and making links convenient for when you want to find a specific item. You, as a consumer, need to know that my compensation can occur in several different ways:

1) Some stores pay a commission if you click through from our link and buy something, almost as if we were a commissioned salesperson working in the store. The only agreement / relationship we have with the store is that they provide links and they provide a commission if a sale is made during that click-through and sometimes for a number of days after the click.

2) Some offers that you see advertised here on involve something other than a “sale”. An example might be an insurance quote or a credit card application. Sometimes we are paid if you request information, sometimes we are paid if you fill out a form or request a catalog and sometimes we might get paid just for the click itself (example would be if you clicked on a Google ad or similar)

3) There are some companies who do NOT pay for any action on your part, but instead pay us just because we post their “ad” banner or link on our site. This is much the same as a newspaper or magazine; the payment is for advertising alone and the choice of placement is based on the value provided to the consumer. That value might be good articles, great recipes, coupon savings or just fun and convenient shopping.

What you need to know:

If you rely on a review or recommendation that you see on this site, you should understand that we feature products from our favorite merchants and write about their benefits because we think you might like these products as well as we do AND we might earn a commission if you become a customer through our link. On shopping sites like this one, most of the information published is for merchants we have a commission relationship with. The commissions we receive if you shop through our links is what keeps us in business and allows us to provide the largest number of stores, the hard-to-find products you are seeking, and a huge, convenient, shopping mall online that saves you time.

We reserve the right to modify this disclosure and explanation whenever the FTC provides more guidelines about our responsibilities as ethical online publishers. This FTC disclosure is mandated by regulation and by the online merchants we work with.

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