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Study Bibles, Ministry priced Bibles and Bible study guides, Bibles for pews in English and in Spanish. Outreach materials for missions and Bible study abroad.
BiblicaDirect can provide you with the Bible and Bible study guide materials no matter what your mission needs. Find Old Testaments, New Testaments, The Gospels and more for study, for Sunday School, for ministry distribution. Hardcover Bibles, Award Bibles, softcover Bibles, especially made for distribution.

International version of the Bible, Scriptures for use world-wide, Bibles for the troops and pamphlets, guides, accessories and materials for any scriptural use.

Bibles and study guides in multiple languages, available in single copies and by the case. This company also prints custom cover Bibles for your pews or your classes and your missionary support work. They will help you design just the right scripture presentation for your congregation.

Does your Sunday group minister to people in crisis? Do you need Bibles and leaflets, pamphlets and Bible Study guides for prisons? For disaster relief areas? People in crisis often seek The Word of God. Are your mission efforts stocked and ready to go? Find everything you need at BiblicaDirect, in single units or by the case. BiblicaDirect even carries beautiful leather covered Bibles at a very inexpensive price, perfect for awards, presentations, and first Bible gifting.

Jewel Basket

This is a HUGE jewelry store with products and prices in every range. I like the nice selection of crosses, including Celtic cross jewelry and inspirational necklaces, bracelets, etc. They also have medical ID bracelets, which can prevent a tragedy in the case of allergies, heart conditions, diabetes and other health issues that should be identified quickly. There is a very nice across-the-board selection of gift and fashion jewelry, too.

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S & S Worldwide

This is NOT an ordinary craft store. You’ll find everything you need for crafting, but they also carry kits for camp, daycare, Bible school, Sunday school, even diagnostic rehab therapy crafts! And then in another department you’ll find party supplies, fun and games for parties, novelties to stock a school carnival or whatever your imagination can handle! Too big to describe and the prices are too low to mention.

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Women’s Suits

Oprah blessed this online store a few years back and more and more women have now discovered new dress-up options. Designer suits and beautiful dresses and pants for dressing up occasions. Plus-size weddings are a piece of cake when you know about Women’s Suits. Mother of the Bride and don’t know what to wear? Women’s Suits. They have men’s designer suits also, but it’s the huge selection of dressy outfits (most with matching hats available) that will pull you back again and again.