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Real Networks

Broadband Essentials by RealNetworks

It’s hard to describe the value of this service in a small space, but let’s use a comparison as an attempt: Your Walmart Superstore is the largest music retailer in the US and carries 4500 unique CD titles. Rhapsody, which is the music subscription portion of Real Networks, carries over 250,000 unique CD titles, which gives you access to over 3,000,000 songs. The basic Real Player is a free download, and Rhapsody comes with a free trial, so you can begin exploring music for your collection quite easily for FREE. The SUPERPASS gives you access to radio, TV and musical entertainment you can’t get otherwise and the main reason the people I know subscribe is the SPORTS coverage. The other two components of Real Networks are broadband essentials and Real Arcade GAMEPASS, which is hugely popular with kids and gamers. I guess to understand the value you have to try and imagine access to 3 million music tracks and go from there.

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