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Abe Books UK

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Whether your looking for an old book, cook book, travel book, cheap books, comic books or collectibles, Abe Books has them! By creating a secure and easy-to-search database and maintaining high standards, Abe Books has established a dynamic online marketplace for books, and a community that book lovers return to, again and again.

Russian Legacy

Items of all types imported direct from Russian Federation. Best know for largest selection of nesting dolls and decorative eggs. Other favorites include crystal bells, handmade wooden painted Santas, used Military uniforms, mostly Soviet, hockey shirts, Soviet propaganda- posters, pins, etc.
More: Russian fur hats, Samavars, woven table linens, handwoven scarves and cloths, carved wooden toys and carved wooden kitchen accessories, hand-painted lacquer boxes, jewelry boxes, music boxes. There are literally thousands and thousands of items imported and of gift and collectible quality. One unique idea I would have never come up with: Nesting dolls painted from photos to match the wedding party.

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