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Adagio Teas

This is a beautiful store with good information about various teas of the world. If you’re just learning to appreciate tea, this is a store that can answer your questions about origin of teas and also your questions about tastes and purposes of various tea blends. Many related accessories also.

Adagio Teas – Best Tea Online

I really liked the selection of tea and the choice of tea accessories, like teapots, beautiful serving pieces and gift items. Excellent resource for information about colors, origins, and types of tea.

Allergy Be Gone

If you know someone with allergies, you know there’s a whole lot more to controlling the problem than just avoiding pollen. This store provides a wealth of good solid information about everything from room cleaning air filter units to mattress covers and everything in between. Controlling asthma and allergies can seem overwhelming, but you can get good advice and find reviews and ratings of many helpful products and tools here.

Blinds Galore

Who besides Blinds Galore thinks about window blinds unless something happens to the ones you already have? Decorators, that’s who! The blinds at your window can make or break the look of a room and Blinds Galore sells every type of window blind imaginable.

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Just a subtle change in the light or the color match of the window coverings can create a whole different look. The people at Blinds Galore know, of course, that blinds are also very functional and have become a true valued part of the window treatment project. So the quality and the price have to match up in terms of value. At Blinds Galore, that’s evident throughout the site.

The blinds and window treatments at Blinds Galore can also provide a very inexpensive “make-do” while you decide on the rest of the decor. Blinds Galore offers that stupendous inventory and selection that will keep you browsing and coming up with new ideas for hours!

When you’re looking for a certain type of calendar, it pays to go directly to the biggest and the best., established over a decade ago, sells millions of calendars each year. They know what you’re looking for, and unless a few thousand somebodies beat you to it, they’ll have it at

Camping World

Family vacations by the campfire are increasingly popular. Even with rising costs and a watchful economy, you can save so many vacation dollars by camping with the family. And there’s probably no better way to actually SEE the country and the natural world around you. Children make memories whle camping that will last them the rest of their life. They might not be the memory you expected, but they’re good, solid memories just the same.

Camping World makes it easy to hit the road for that special once in a lifetime trip, or that family reunion, or just your personal favorite way to spend weekends from spring to fall. Everything you need to cover the basics, plus plenty of ways to expand the comfort and livability of the outdoors.
You might even be surprised at how far the world of camping has come since your childhood road trips with Mom and Dad in the old station wagon.

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Camping World

Coffee For Less

It almost seems like coffee is the new wine. There’s stuff you have to know now about flavors and choices and blends. The old questions about whether or not the office should provide free coffee seems like old news. I read the other day that so many people go “out” for coffee now that home coffeemakers are either special machinery for cappachino and the like or they aren’t there at all! I can’t imagine life without the ol’ coffeepot that justs starts brewing regular black coffee at 5:50 am every day. But I can imagine how much easier life in the office will be when the person who has to keep the coffee supplies stocked discovers Coffee For Less. Great online shopping for home or office coffee. And if you have an expresso machine in your Lexus, you can get great blends to try while you’re schlepping from place to place. We know you love your coffee, so click and save


Expect Great Things at

Kohls is a great department store for mid-priced name brands in apparel and home functionality. Add a beautiful line of cosmetics, shoes, luggage, and great dining, entertainment serving pieces and quality cookware.

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Lillian Vernon

Lillian Vernon Online

Great personalized gifts. Fabulous children’s creative play toys. Nice ideas for people who are hard to buy gifts for. Incredible household solutions that make you more organized, a better hostess, and more able to cope with little problems around the house.

Lillian Vernon Online

Little Giant Ladders

You’ve seen the Little Giant Ladders on TV. Yes, this is the same versatile all-in-one ladder you’ve seen demonstrated. Need a stepladder? Need an extension ladder? Need a platform? If you’re a homeowner, then you know that just the basic maintenance chores around the house call for something different in the way of a ladder almost every time.

Quick, step up and change that light bulb. Honey, how are we going to get clear up by the chimney? I would love to clean the siding, dear, but it’s going to take a platform; I just can’t be running up and down a ladder every couple of minutes with a bucket and a scrub brush. Sound familiar? You’re ready for a Little Giant Ladder system.

Our personal triumph with the multipurpose ladder system was when our sailboat spent the winter on dry land. We needed an extension ladder as soon as it got set down in the cradle because now it was 12 feet up in the air! We had to have total trust in the means we used to climb up into the boat to get the cover on and everything lashed down for the winter. Come spring, we needed both an extension ladder and a platform so we could take care of painting, scrubbing, waxing and all the little things that crop up before boating season starts.

The best part about finding all the various ladders we needed in one ladder system? We could fold it up to a size that fit in the back of the small SUV we drive and still leave room for all the buckets, cushions, boxes, bags and totes that go along with driving 2 hours away to work on the boat.

You might be lucky enough to have all your projects on or under one roof, so to speak. But the Little Giant Ladder System is still the ideal way to take care of all types of projects without a second thought about how you’re going to get up there. Little Giant Ladder Systems and all the bells and whistles you might want to go with it.


Contemporary Lighting, Modern Ceiling Fans, Modern Home Accessories

Lumens: green never looked so good! Find your favorite designs in lighting, accessories and decor items with a punch! Bring some light and some fun to your decorating plans with Lumens. See a complete gallery of fabulous lighting choices at Lumens.

Free shipping on modern fans from Wide selection of ceiling fans by the Modern Fan Company, Minka Aire, Fanimation and more!

Nitro Pak

Nitro-Pak Emergency Preparedness Center, Inc.

The most complete source I’ve ever found for food storage products. Freeze-dried food stores for emergencies or general preparedness. If you’re trying to complete a year’s food storage for your own preparedness plan, or you just want to make sure you have a 72 hour pack you can grab if you suddenly have to evacuate, this is the place.

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Ornament Shop

Personalized Baby Ornaments

Personalized Holiday Plaques Ornaments

OrnamentShop has been around since 1983, providing discerning shoppers with unique and distinctive holiday gifts, collectibles and Christmas ornaments. People tell us we’re the largest company of our type in the Christmas ornaments industry.

Whether it’s ornaments for Christmas, to celebrate a wedding, personalized ornaments for a new baby or having ornaments personalized for Grandparents, the Ornament Shop should be at the head of the list!


Orvis; for the hunter, fisher, gatherer that lives inside of all – the finest in clothing, equipment, and accessories for all of life’s pleasures in the great outdoors and the comfort of snuggling in at home afterwards. If you live close to Nature, you’ll live more comfortably when you find Orvis.

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468*60 Country Home Collection


There are many tips and tricks for getting the most out of every busy day, but there’s one you might have dreamed about and then dismissed – get your groceries delivered. Think about the time savings: no more backtracking through the monster store to get the best deal or feeling guilty at the quick stop when you pay $1 more for something than it’s worth. Now think about how many times you handle EACH item. Once to put in the cart, once to get it on the belt. Now put it in the cart again and carry it to the car. Pick it up and get it in the back, drive it home and pick it up again to carry inside. You’re almost there – you only have to pick it up a minimum of 2 more times to actually use it!

My guess is that when you think about grocery delivery, you think of it as a luxury your grandmother wouldn’t approve. Here’s something to think about. In the days before TV ads convinced people that the perfect home had a woman standing inside with a mop and cleaner, keeping her shiny new appliances running, many homes took grocery delivery for granted.

Whether you manage your own home and household or pay someone else to do it, the time could be used most efficiently by having basic staples and supplies delivered. At the point of delivery you are so close to being ready to prepare a healthy meal, you might actually have the time and energy left to do it. Now let me tell you a little bit about PeaPod, a service that does just that.

PeaPod is available in areas across the country. You can select your grocery items and have them delivered for about $6.95. Depending on where you shop, that might be less than you’re paying for gas, not counting lost time. Your next question probably concerns the quality of what you’re choosing and having brought directly to your door.

PeaPod says they are picker than you when it comes to choosing groceries for your home. First, you control the ordering process, and second, they have no reason to bring you unsatisfactory food. PeaPod would like to keep you as a regular customer and the way to do that is to be more reliable than even your family members when it comes to running to the store for you.

I say for $6.95, you can afford to take a look. It might be the best timesaving tip you ever listened



Find Discounted Restaurant and Kitchen Supplies at

Super warehouse for office supplies, janitorial supplies, restaurant and other business supplies. Need a storage shed for out back? Need a jumbo paperclip? Presentation materials? Dispenser tape? Handwashing station? This is where your main business account should be.

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Russian Legacy

Items of all types imported direct from Russian Federation. Best know for largest selection of nesting dolls and decorative eggs. Other favorites include crystal bells, handmade wooden painted Santas, used Military uniforms, mostly Soviet, hockey shirts, Soviet propaganda- posters, pins, etc.
More: Russian fur hats, Samavars, woven table linens, handwoven scarves and cloths, carved wooden toys and carved wooden kitchen accessories, hand-painted lacquer boxes, jewelry boxes, music boxes. There are literally thousands and thousands of items imported and of gift and collectible quality. One unique idea I would have never come up with: Nesting dolls painted from photos to match the wedding party.

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Slipcover Shop

Save up to $50 off Furniture Slipcovers.

Rejuvinate your entire decor with slipcovers! They’re not just polyester drapes anymore. Stuck with a hand-me-down sofa or chair that is structurally sound, but just UGLY? Slipcover shop to the rescue.

Slipcovers For Less

Save up to $50 Off Slipcovers

Soft Surroundings

Shop Top Rated Products at!

Unusually gentle marketing. Everything here is for the purpose of surrounding you with softness. Clothing, home decor and fabulous bedding are a few things you’ll find here. There are softness ratings, so you can decide to only look at items in the “cloud” category you prefer. Things I found – super soft and still beautiful pet bed that matched a beautiful comforter. A bath robe and a shower wrap that looked so comfortable I would be afraid to put them on for fear I would never want to take them off.

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Stacks and Stacks

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The first half of organizing your stuff is finding the right storage solutions. The second half is getting somebody on a TV reality show to carry it all out to the curb. Stacks and Stacks is a constant favorite because they have storage ideas for everything you have that doesn’t belong in a pile outside. Even cord and cable organizers. Everything.

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Everyone loves Target – especially their designer looks for discount prices and their TV commercials. There’s always something wonderful for your home or for your family at Target.

Target Bullseye Logo Brand static (141x178)

Target is a favorite because you can browse for great designer ideas for your home, your wardrobe, your landscape. And when you load up your cart with goodies, you get so much more for your money because discounts and designers go together at Target!

Urban Scooters

Zip around town on a scooter! All the rage and all the fun of being a kid again. Of course, the kids will take it and use it until there’s nothing left and you’ll wonder why you even bother trying to have something nice for yourself, much less useful or fun. Go ahead, take a look. At least you’ll know what you’re missing.

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Wal-Mart USA, LLC

Walmart discount shopping, Walmart photo services, Walmart clothes for the whole family, Walmart books, movies, DVDs, CDs, Walmart Electronics, Walmart computers, Walmart gaming systems, Walmart games, Walmart toys and fun for the whole family! And Free Shipping from site to store – what a way to take advantage of convenience and easy shopping at Walmart! USA, LLC