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AC Lens

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The great thing about lens shopping online is the savings and the convenience! Choose to stock up and get the biggest discount, sometimes even a contact lens rebate! At AC Lens – Contact Lenses, you get the same name brand contacts prescribed and dispensed by your eye professional, but at a huge discount!

Allergy Be Gone

If you know someone with allergies, you know there’s a whole lot more to controlling the problem than just avoiding pollen. This store provides a wealth of good solid information about everything from room cleaning air filter units to mattress covers and everything in between. Controlling asthma and allergies can seem overwhelming, but you can get good advice and find reviews and ratings of many helpful products and tools here.

Beauty Trends

What’s the best way to look great all day, every day? Have your best hair look available at a moment’s notice with a wig! I have a friend who is very active, teaching dance on a daily basis, supervising performances, and serving on multiple committees as part of her personal life. Her hair always looks fabulous and she’s quick to tell us why. She has several wigs that look just like her real hair at it’s best – styled in a couple of her favorite ways. She comes home tired and stringy hair after a long day in the studio? Freshen up, slap on a wig and out the door she goes, looking like she just spent the day at the spa.

Beauty doesn’t always come easy, but it doesn’t get much easier than organizing your look so it’s ready at a moment’s notice. Wigs, hairpieces, clip-on extras in many styles and colors and several top brands are ready and waiting at Beauty Trend. This Longtime online merchant provides expert choices in current hair styles and materials. Quick shipping offers below for when you shop for wigs and hairpieces at

Coastal Contacts

You shop and bank online to save time and why aren't you getting your contact lenses online too? Order your contacts from the world's largest supplier.

Coastal Contacts can ship contacts and other eyewear products worldwide. Coastal Contacts operates in North American, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, giving you international purchasing power and international shipping.

Buy corrective contacts, colored contacts, costume contacts, and other vision care items like cleaning products, sunglasses, contact cases, cases for glasses, and more. One of the biggest customer favorites is the large selection of Halloween contact lenses. Halloween and costume lenses are a big hit because they can change your appearance so drastically.

Jewel Basket

This is a HUGE jewelry store with products and prices in every range. I like the nice selection of crosses, including Celtic cross jewelry and inspirational necklaces, bracelets, etc. They also have medical ID bracelets, which can prevent a tragedy in the case of allergies, heart conditions, diabetes and other health issues that should be identified quickly. There is a very nice across-the-board selection of gift and fashion jewelry, too.

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Mario Badescu

For over 40 years, Mario Badescu Skin Care has provided personalized skin care treatments and products for people just like you (and for supermodels!). We offer spa and skin care services not just to celebrities, but to individuals across the world who appreciate the importance of caring for your skin.
Our proven line of products helps thousands each day fight acne, treat rosacea, cure teen pimples and whiteheads, and help their mothers and grandmothers coddle their aging skin. From cleansers, astringents, and moisturizers to exfoliants and eye creams, Mario Badescu Skin Care offers a comprehensive array of products for all of your needs.

Soft Surroundings

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Unusually gentle marketing. Everything here is for the purpose of surrounding you with softness. Clothing, home decor and fabulous bedding are a few things you’ll find here. There are softness ratings, so you can decide to only look at items in the “cloud” category you prefer. Things I found – super soft and still beautiful pet bed that matched a beautiful comforter. A bath robe and a shower wrap that looked so comfortable I would be afraid to put them on for fear I would never want to take them off.

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The Wright Stuff Home Healthcare aids

Does someone you care for need help with everyday tasks like washing, dressing, grooming, or even eating? It’s obvious when you browse this store that the people who create or select their products understand the daunting task of caregiving and living with physical challanges that disability or aging bring about. This store has been featured numerous times and honored with awards for the unique designs and thoughtful aids to everyday living.

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