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Cellars Wine Club

A monthly wine club is a distinctive and memorable gift for executives and customers that you know love wine. You can find out the specific ratings for wines you’re planning to try or buy and you can stock your wine cellar with choices from the individual bottle sales. Domestic and International. Very educational site. Wine accessories also available.

Cellars Wine Club


Love & Romance Section

Flora2000 started in 1999, their goal was to become the leading online floral delivery service for overseas floral deliveries. Now, with over eight years of experience in building specialized floral teams in over 150 countries, Flora2000 has been indisputably recognized as a leader in the delivery of premium flowers, worldwide.

Whether you are wanting to ship flowers to England or India, France or the Netherlands and stops inbetween, Flora 2000 is the place to shop. Their experts get the job done and done right!

Gourmet Clubs

Gourmet Clubs started out as a subscription service for micro brew beers – awesome, right? The idea took off and now Gourmet Clubs offer more subscription gifting with wine, cheese, chocolates, flowers and cigars!

Choose a Gourmet Gift Club subscription to suit the recipient’s own taste in specialty treats. Favorite Uncle? Big Client? Special gift for the outgoing President of the Club? The perfect gift is just a few simple clicks from here:

300x250 GMC Rotating Gourmet Gift Clubs

Your Gourmet Gift Club choices will impress and please even the hardest to buy for person on your list. Turn your gift list into an all-done-list right now at Gourmet Gift Clubs: Mix and match 6 gourmet gift clubs and customize your shipping schedule.

Lillian Vernon

Lillian Vernon Online

Great personalized gifts. Fabulous children’s creative play toys. Nice ideas for people who are hard to buy gifts for. Incredible household solutions that make you more organized, a better hostess, and more able to cope with little problems around the house.

Lillian Vernon Online

Russian Legacy

Items of all types imported direct from Russian Federation. Best know for largest selection of nesting dolls and decorative eggs. Other favorites include crystal bells, handmade wooden painted Santas, used Military uniforms, mostly Soviet, hockey shirts, Soviet propaganda- posters, pins, etc.
More: Russian fur hats, Samavars, woven table linens, handwoven scarves and cloths, carved wooden toys and carved wooden kitchen accessories, hand-painted lacquer boxes, jewelry boxes, music boxes. There are literally thousands and thousands of items imported and of gift and collectible quality. One unique idea I would have never come up with: Nesting dolls painted from photos to match the wedding party.

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Sid Fey Designs – Love is a Rose

Roses dipped in gold is how it started. Now there are more romantic “I’m in love with you” gifts and relationship books available. What I found that people might miss is the beautiful family plaques that can be created. The Family Tree with birthstones is absolutely a heart sweller. This is something worth planning with others in the family to present to Mom and Dad for an anniversary or family reunion gathering. Awesome!

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Gag Gifts From

We love just for the pure hilarity. Take your WTF stamp to the office and watch your friends fight over who gets to borrow it. In fact, we had to include in our online mall just because there were so many awesome things to keep at work for extraordinary fun and games.

Not everyone is right for a gift from But for those friends and co-workers who love to laugh and carry on? PERFECT! And if nothing else, arm your own desk with fun ways to crack up a long boring meeting.

looking for that WTF stamp?

The Fruit Company

This fruit basket gift source is located in the Hood River Valley, which is prime real estate for perfect fruit growing. Their pears made Oprah’s “O” list ! If you have someone you need to impress, this is the way to do it. The individual gift baskets are packed with an eye for beauty and presentation and the Fruit of the Month gift has art boxes available for packing. Highly recommended! Prices are very reasonable.

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