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Abe Books UK

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Whether your looking for an old book, cook book, travel book, cheap books, comic books or collectibles, Abe Books has them! By creating a secure and easy-to-search database and maintaining high standards, Abe Books has established a dynamic online marketplace for books, and a community that book lovers return to, again and again.

Barnes and Noble

Everyone loves Barnes & Noble! Shop the online store for a huge inventory of books, textbooks, movies, music and even gifts that are perfect for people who love to read and write!

This is a great online resource, because even though your town may have a wonderful B&N, you can get much deeper into the inventory online. They have a huge textbook network and there are also lots of prints and collectibles that get limited by floor space in the stores. It might actually be easier to find what you want online and then check the store near you to pick it up.

Another serious Barnes & Noble pleasure: gift cards! If you’re a serious reader, it’s time to start training the people around you in how to please at gift giving time. There’s something delightfully delicious about finding a B&N gift card with balance remaining when you’re in the checkout line with a stack of books. And if you’re going to enjoy getting B&N Gift cards, you should start now by giving them out. No one understands the rush until they’ve experienced it!

Study Bibles, Ministry priced Bibles and Bible study guides, Bibles for pews in English and in Spanish. Outreach materials for missions and Bible study abroad.
BiblicaDirect can provide you with the Bible and Bible study guide materials no matter what your mission needs. Find Old Testaments, New Testaments, The Gospels and more for study, for Sunday School, for ministry distribution. Hardcover Bibles, Award Bibles, softcover Bibles, especially made for distribution.

International version of the Bible, Scriptures for use world-wide, Bibles for the troops and pamphlets, guides, accessories and materials for any scriptural use.

Bibles and study guides in multiple languages, available in single copies and by the case. This company also prints custom cover Bibles for your pews or your classes and your missionary support work. They will help you design just the right scripture presentation for your congregation.

Does your Sunday group minister to people in crisis? Do you need Bibles and leaflets, pamphlets and Bible Study guides for prisons? For disaster relief areas? People in crisis often seek The Word of God. Are your mission efforts stocked and ready to go? Find everything you need at BiblicaDirect, in single units or by the case. BiblicaDirect even carries beautiful leather covered Bibles at a very inexpensive price, perfect for awards, presentations, and first Bible gifting.

When you’re looking for a certain type of calendar, it pays to go directly to the biggest and the best., established over a decade ago, sells millions of calendars each year. They know what you’re looking for, and unless a few thousand somebodies beat you to it, they’ll have it at

Magazine Discount Center

MagazineDiscountCenter is a web-based company which for over 20 years has provided customers just like you with a way to get affordable, dependable, and reliable magazine subscriptions at just a fraction of the cover price.

Discount magazine subscription categories range includes Arts & Crafts, Automobile, Business & Finance, Children, Computers & Internet, Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, Food & Cooking, Games & Hobbies, General Interest, Health & Fitness, History, Home and Garden, Lifestyle, Literary, Men’s Interest, News & Politics, Parenting, Pets, Science & Nature, Spanish, Sports & Recreation, Teens, Travel & Regional, and Women’s Interest.

Read more and save with Magazine Discount Center!

Things From Another World

Collectibles such as comics, dvds, movie figurines, TV character collectibles, anime, whimsical, and so much more it’s hard to know where to begin. This is the home of Dark Horse Comics, too. If you are a fan of anything, you owe it to yourself to browse here for awhile. This merchant has been serving their customers forever through mailorder catalogs and a couple of brick and mortar stores. Now they’re online and the frenzy is on!

Visit Things From Another World for a massive selection of Star Wars, Hellboy, Manga, Superheroes and other pop culture favorites.

Ty’s Toy Box

Ty’s Toy Box is a favorite among kids and parents alike because of several things: First – this is the place to find ALL of your child’s favorite licensed character items. If I name just a few, it will be a drop in the bucket of all the characters available at Ty’s Toy Box. Dora The Explorer and her friend Diego, Bob the Builder, Thomas Tank, Strawberry Shortcake, Teen Titans – they all come well stocked and priced right at Ty’s Toy Box.

The second thing is that you’re not limited to just a play set featuring your TV or Movie character. Choose party supplies, apparel, costumes, room decor, toys, DVDs, CDs, and playsets. If your son or daughter is looking for something specific, it’s probably available at Ty’s Toy Box.

Click here for Ty’s Toy Box

Wal-Mart USA, LLC

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