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123 Inkjets

How much printer ink do you go through in a year? Is there anything more unnerving than to have a printable all ready to go and realize that you’re almost out of ink? Will it print anyway? Did you know that you need red even when you’re printing in black and white? (It’s true. Your printer uses a pixel of red for some weird reason on every single doc printed.

You can save big by buying your ink at 123 Inkjets. Here’s the link: Save on ink!

A Gift Personalized

Looking for a way to add a personal touch to a gift? Why not personalize it? A Gift Personalized has gifts that are personalized starting as low as $15.00. Leave a lasting impression with a personalized gift from A Gift Personalized.

Shop for Personalized Gifts: Bestsellers and you won’t be sorry!

Abe Books UK

Free Postage at on Select Books

Whether your looking for an old book, cook book, travel book, cheap books, comic books or collectibles, Abe Books has them! By creating a secure and easy-to-search database and maintaining high standards, Abe Books has established a dynamic online marketplace for books, and a community that book lovers return to, again and again.

AC Lens

Save up to 70% on contact lenses at ACLens!

The great thing about lens shopping online is the savings and the convenience! Choose to stock up and get the biggest discount, sometimes even a contact lens rebate! At AC Lens – Contact Lenses, you get the same name brand contacts prescribed and dispensed by your eye professional, but at a huge discount!

ACandyStore is ideal when you’re creating a candy buffet and need bulk candy choices at reasonable prices! They offer very reasonable shipping – at the time of this post it was a flat $9.95 or less! That’s a huge help for your event budget.

We have some tips for creating a beautiful “sweets table” for your event, but finding a great source is most important and is the right place!

Here are a few collections to get you started:

Animal Den

Know those stores in the malls where you can get mugs, shirts, notecards, mousepads and everything else under the sun with your specific dog breed picture on them? This is that place – online. You’ll find your collie, your schnauzer, your dobe, your American Staffordshire, whatever your favorite breed of dog is – this is the place. In fact, the selection is not limited to dogs at all, so go – check it out!

Animal Den - Gift Shop for Cat Lovers!

Animal Den

Aramark Uniforms

Aramark is on the mark for work clothes. If you’re looking for a workplace solution, or even just great information about uniforms for your company, you’ll find reams of information at Aramark. And they carry exactly what you’re trying to find. Aramark has a complete inventory of workplace uniform solutions. They cover every occupation, including police and fire, with the exception of scrubs for medical use. You’ll find rugged outdoor work clothes, safety and compliance apparel like non-slip restaurant shoes, even Chef’s hats and restaurant aprons. All the standard work clothes are arranged in an easy-to-find inventory of purchase, rent or lease uniforms.

Avanquest Software

Whether you are looking for computerized tax tables for your small business or clip art or possibly a Logo Maker, Avanquest Software has it. They feature a wide range of software to make your “computer life” simpler! Maybe you aren’t familiar with their name, but once you visit their site, you will be in love with their software. Avanquest Software, click on a link today and start enjoying your computer more!


One of the absolute essentials of style is your handbag. Whether you prefer totes, hobos, structured organization, or the perfect micro purse, this priority accessory has to be a carefully considered decision. When your status demands that you consider designer style for your purse, handbag, tote, briefcase or bag, consider Baghaus.

Baghaus selects designer inventory in all the important styles so you can accessorize your fashionable wardrobe with exactly the right bag. The prices give you substantial bargains off the department store mark-ups, so you have no guilt when you move up a notch to the one you really want.

Designer bags at discount prices. That’s Baghaus!

Pay less for Designer Inspired Luxury at

Barnes and Noble

Everyone loves Barnes & Noble! Shop the online store for a huge inventory of books, textbooks, movies, music and even gifts that are perfect for people who love to read and write!

This is a great online resource, because even though your town may have a wonderful B&N, you can get much deeper into the inventory online. They have a huge textbook network and there are also lots of prints and collectibles that get limited by floor space in the stores. It might actually be easier to find what you want online and then check the store near you to pick it up.

Another serious Barnes & Noble pleasure: gift cards! If you’re a serious reader, it’s time to start training the people around you in how to please at gift giving time. There’s something delightfully delicious about finding a B&N gift card with balance remaining when you’re in the checkout line with a stack of books. And if you’re going to enjoy getting B&N Gift cards, you should start now by giving them out. No one understands the rush until they’ve experienced it!

Baseball Rampage

If you are serious about baseball and your want to be at the top of your game, you have come to the right place. Baseball Rampage stocks a complete line of baseball bats, baseball gloves, batting gloves, baseball helmets, and more, at great prices, and we ship them directly to you fast.

Order baseball shoes online and save. Find spikes, cleats, turf shoes, and more at Baseball Rampage.

Best Buy

Click here for the Best Buy Homepage

Best Buy offers great weekly specials on a huge variety of what you need for your home, your home theater, your gaming TV, and all your computer and cellphone needs also. You can usually choose from several good shipping options, including pick up at the store, which is my favorite choice. Buy online, find a store near you with the item available and you’re on your way!

TV Delivery, Hook-Up and Recycling. They’re All Included when You Buy Any TV $999 and Up.

Study Bibles, Ministry priced Bibles and Bible study guides, Bibles for pews in English and in Spanish. Outreach materials for missions and Bible study abroad.
BiblicaDirect can provide you with the Bible and Bible study guide materials no matter what your mission needs. Find Old Testaments, New Testaments, The Gospels and more for study, for Sunday School, for ministry distribution. Hardcover Bibles, Award Bibles, softcover Bibles, especially made for distribution.

International version of the Bible, Scriptures for use world-wide, Bibles for the troops and pamphlets, guides, accessories and materials for any scriptural use.

Bibles and study guides in multiple languages, available in single copies and by the case. This company also prints custom cover Bibles for your pews or your classes and your missionary support work. They will help you design just the right scripture presentation for your congregation.

Does your Sunday group minister to people in crisis? Do you need Bibles and leaflets, pamphlets and Bible Study guides for prisons? For disaster relief areas? People in crisis often seek The Word of God. Are your mission efforts stocked and ready to go? Find everything you need at BiblicaDirect, in single units or by the case. BiblicaDirect even carries beautiful leather covered Bibles at a very inexpensive price, perfect for awards, presentations, and first Bible gifting.

Birthday In A Box

You probably don’t need 100 different birthday party themes for your children’s special day. But if you’re looking for their favorite character, you’ll be glad for the huge selection at Birthday In A Box. You’ll find everything you need at Birthday In A Box, whether you’re pulling off the perfect birthday party or the most precious baby shower ever!

Need a theme for your party? Fresh out of ideas? Browse the hundreds of products at Birthday In A Box and you’ll come away with a great theme and everything you need to host the best birthday party ever. Party ideas, party plates and other partyware, party banners, party favors, party prizes, party games, and party themes for every possible desire.

Is it a special 1st birthday? Or does the birthday boy demand a puppy party, a dinosaur party, or even a Hot Wheels party?
Little girls will have to have a party every day to use up all the princess and pony and cheerleader party themes available.

The best part about Birthday In A Box is the convenience of grabbing top quality party supplies all in one place at a great price. No need to run all over town to get games in one place, prizes in another and hope the plates and napkins can be matched up with the hats, the banners, the bags and the carry home bags. It’s all in one place when you shop Birthday In A Box!

Blinds Galore

Who besides Blinds Galore thinks about window blinds unless something happens to the ones you already have? Decorators, that’s who! The blinds at your window can make or break the look of a room and Blinds Galore sells every type of window blind imaginable.

FREE SAMPLES at Blindsgalore!

Just a subtle change in the light or the color match of the window coverings can create a whole different look. The people at Blinds Galore know, of course, that blinds are also very functional and have become a true valued part of the window treatment project. So the quality and the price have to match up in terms of value. At Blinds Galore, that’s evident throughout the site.

The blinds and window treatments at Blinds Galore can also provide a very inexpensive “make-do” while you decide on the rest of the decor. Blinds Galore offers that stupendous inventory and selection that will keep you browsing and coming up with new ideas for hours!

Bliss Living

Whether its a Boy or Girl or you are looking for a gift for Mom and Dad, Bliss Living has it! In addition, their baby boutique is full of great baby shower gift ideas for that expecting mom! Baby gift baskets, diaper cakes and shower cakes are a real favorite of shoppers, with one of the largest selections online to choose from.

Why waste time going shop to shop when the baby items you want at here at Bliss Living!

Bliss Living – Unique Baby Gifts & Children’s Room Decor

When you’re looking for a certain type of calendar, it pays to go directly to the biggest and the best., established over a decade ago, sells millions of calendars each year. They know what you’re looking for, and unless a few thousand somebodies beat you to it, they’ll have it at

Camping World

Family vacations by the campfire are increasingly popular. Even with rising costs and a watchful economy, you can save so many vacation dollars by camping with the family. And there’s probably no better way to actually SEE the country and the natural world around you. Children make memories whle camping that will last them the rest of their life. They might not be the memory you expected, but they’re good, solid memories just the same.

Camping World makes it easy to hit the road for that special once in a lifetime trip, or that family reunion, or just your personal favorite way to spend weekends from spring to fall. Everything you need to cover the basics, plus plenty of ways to expand the comfort and livability of the outdoors.
You might even be surprised at how far the world of camping has come since your childhood road trips with Mom and Dad in the old station wagon.

Click to shop: Camping World’s Internet-Only Specials! New Specials Weekly.

Camping World

Cellars Wine Club

A monthly wine club is a distinctive and memorable gift for executives and customers that you know love wine. You can find out the specific ratings for wines you’re planning to try or buy and you can stock your wine cellar with choices from the individual bottle sales. Domestic and International. Very educational site. Wine accessories also available.

Cellars Wine Club

Checks In The Mail

Everyone needs checks! Even if you bank online, pay in cash, or deal almost exclusively with credit cards, you can’t avoid writing a check from time to time:

  • When a new account needs a voided check to set things up for you
  • Unexpected fundraising purchase at your door or in front of the store on Saturday
  • Awesome garage sale find: “Will you take a check?”

Every time you move, start a new account, join a new organization, pay your dues, subscribe to something, you need a check.

Order From Checks In The Mail Shop Now!

Coastal Contacts

You shop and bank online to save time and why aren't you getting your contact lenses online too? Order your contacts from the world's largest supplier.

Coastal Contacts can ship contacts and other eyewear products worldwide. Coastal Contacts operates in North American, Europe, and the Pacific Rim, giving you international purchasing power and international shipping.

Buy corrective contacts, colored contacts, costume contacts, and other vision care items like cleaning products, sunglasses, contact cases, cases for glasses, and more. One of the biggest customer favorites is the large selection of Halloween contact lenses. Halloween and costume lenses are a big hit because they can change your appearance so drastically.

Crazy For Bargains Sleepwear

Home of the fuzzy animal slipper(s) in styles and sizes for the whole family. And that’s just a tiny part of the huge inventory of fun family sleepwear here at Crazy For Bargains! Superhero styles for all, fleece robes for the kids, comfy boxers for everyone, pajama pants for the whole crowd and even bear claw slippers and other animal paw choices for home comfort or for costumes and school plays.

Click for

This is where you go to compare offers so you can select the credit card that suits you. You can research over 150 different cards and they are organized so you can drill down to exactly what you prefer in the way of a credit card offer. Search credit card offers by qualifying standards, or search credit card offers by low rate, reward points, travel miles, free transfers, and more. is the largest consumer site for directly comparing offers. The site is set up so you can do your credit card offer research in just a few simple steps. You don’t have to register or pay a membership fee. You search for the type of care you are interested in, research and compare the offers and then when you find the one you’re interested in, you click through to the issuer’s site and apply there. – Balance Transfer Cards - Brand Banner - 300 x 250

Dog Breed Store

From the people who brought you comes the new DogBreedStore. Here’s where you find everything you can imagne personalized for your favorite breed. We love schnauzers at our house, but there are plenty of other breeds represented throughout the friends and family canine lovers. Dachshound, greyhound, boxer, bulldog, terriers of all kind, American Staffordshires, Jack Russell, poodles, and more.

Thousands and thousands of things with dog breed pictures, names, characteristics, or personalized for their use.



Mom’s Favorites

Expert Picked Dexterity Toys at

Who is eBeanstalk? eBeanstalk is dedicated to providing the learning toys and educational toys that promote a child’s development…and we go far beyond just toys. eBeanstalk is a place where you can give expert selected newborn toys, baby toys, toddler toys and toys for a preschooler. All of our learning toys are packaged into a GIFT SERIES, where every three months a new gift arrives that is perfectly suited the appropriate stage of a child’s development.

We have 2 teams of experts – A group of Child Specialists (Child Psychologist, Speech Pathologist, Child Physical Therapist, pediatric ocupational therapist and a Special Educator) and a group of over 700 moms (affectionately called our Mother Board).

If you are looking to challenge that newborn, toddler or preschooler, then visit eBeanstalk and see what they have to offer!


Get amazing deals on the latest celebrity inspired and original designs at FREE Shipping on all orders over $75.00 has been awarded the Yahoo!Shopping “Top Service” Award For Superlative Products & Service. According to Yahoo!’s site, the Top Service award “is a sign of superlative quality. Nearly all Yahoo! stores have good customer satisfaction ratings, but those with a star indicating they’ve received the award are the best of the best, with at least 95% positive ratings.” Feel free to take look at the user ratings provided by Yahoo! and see for yourself!

With over 1500 designs to choose from, it’s hard to believe that anyone would go anywhere else. Emitations. Emitations merchandise has gained global attention and appeared on The View, The Today Show and in Glamour and People magazine. Emitations also recently ranked 14 in the jewelry category of the Top 500 Internet Retailers; #1 in costume jewelry. Combine all this with exceptional customer service and you will see why Emitations is one of the top jewelry retailers on the internet!

Executive Gift Shoppe

Executive Gift Shoppe is a specialized source of gifts for men. You’ll find the type of personalized gifts for men suitable for your boss, the groomsmen and the ushers at the wedding and even Uncle Don, who already has everything. When browsing the nice selection at Executive Gift Shoppe for men, notice the reasonable prices and the free shipping for qualified orders.

Executive Gift Shoppe carries a nice line of award trophies, recognition trophies and certificates, even eagle trophies for awarding special achievement awards. You can find plenty of useful corporate gifts and awards at Executive Gift Shoppe:

Fantasy Jewelry Box

Bestselling Classic Princess Cut Tennis Bracelet is Affordable Jewelry for Expensive Tastes! is one of the leading online celebrity and designer inspired imitaion cz sterling silver jewelry retailers. Although cz cubic zirconia sterling silver replica jewelry is our specialty, we are also a leading online sterling silver cz jewelry retailer for cubic zirconia rings, cubic zirconia earrings, cubic zirconia bracelets, cubic zirconia necklaces, cz bridal jewelry, replica celebrity rings, fake celebrity engagement rings, replica celebrity jewelry, faux cz wedding sets, faux cz engagement rings, sterling silver cz cubic zirconia rings, sterling silver cz cubic zirconia earrings and so much more!

Shop Fantasy Jewelry Box with complete confidence! We proudly stand behind our sterling silver cubic zirconia cz jewelry with our risk-free guarantee to assure that you are a happy, lifelong customer!

Fire Catalog

When you’re looking for a specific item related to an occupation like fireman, firefighter, fire Chief, fire department, it’s best to go right to a specialist site: Fire Catalog. You’ll find clothing, accessories, awards, pins, name badges, gifts, toys, books, movies, and more; all for the fireman, firefighter, fire department, firehouse, and the families who love and support them.

Roberts Fire Catalog

Check out Our Hottest deals on Firefighter Clothing!


Love & Romance Section

Flora2000 started in 1999, their goal was to become the leading online floral delivery service for overseas floral deliveries. Now, with over eight years of experience in building specialized floral teams in over 150 countries, Flora2000 has been indisputably recognized as a leader in the delivery of premium flowers, worldwide.

Whether you are wanting to ship flowers to England or India, France or the Netherlands and stops inbetween, Flora 2000 is the place to shop. Their experts get the job done and done right!

Glasses Shop

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on eye wear? Now at the Glasses Shop, you don’t have to spend big bucks. Simply give the glasses shop your prescription and select the frames that you prefer. Fashionable eye wear at affordable prices…that’s the Glasses Shop!

Save even more on your first pair! Code: FIRSTFREE

Gourmet Clubs

Gourmet Clubs started out as a subscription service for micro brew beers – awesome, right? The idea took off and now Gourmet Clubs offer more subscription gifting with wine, cheese, chocolates, flowers and cigars!

Choose a Gourmet Gift Club subscription to suit the recipient’s own taste in specialty treats. Favorite Uncle? Big Client? Special gift for the outgoing President of the Club? The perfect gift is just a few simple clicks from here:

300x250 GMC Rotating Gourmet Gift Clubs

Your Gourmet Gift Club choices will impress and please even the hardest to buy for person on your list. Turn your gift list into an all-done-list right now at Gourmet Gift Clubs: Mix and match 6 gourmet gift clubs and customize your shipping schedule.

Hancock Fabrics

Hancock Fabrics Homepage

Hancock Fabrics is for when you’re feeling creative, but you either can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, or you want to browse and see what ideas come rushing in!

Up-to-the-minute trendy and classic fabrics, ready for your project. Just add enthusiasm! Shop Hancock Fabrics now and see how brilliant you really are!

Hancock Fabrics Homepage

Happy Tails Canine Spa Line

Every once in awhile you find a product that solves a problem and you want to tell the world. When I first heard about Happy Tails, I went directly to their web site and watched some of the videos about canine spa products that provide solutions to things like itchy skin, bad doggy breath, my dog has gas, and other crazy things that drive our dogs nuts and drive us nuts, too! Happy Tails sounded way too good to be true.

I was especially hopeful about the itchy dog solution, which looked like Fur Butter was the best thing to try first. I had an opportunity to meet the Happy Tails people face to face at an industry meet-up and came home with a bag full of samples for our princess Maggie. Now Maggie is an itchy dog. I don’t think I would go so far as allergies or anything, but she’s all the time scratching and it’s definately her skin and not fleas.

So, I grabbed Maggie and the Fur Butter and started filling the tub. She wasn’t as anxious as I was to give it the old college try, but I saw the spray bottle of “calming scent” in the sample bag and gave that a try first. We had the most enjoyable dog bath I’ve ever taken part in. She did not sit still for the recommended 20 minutes with Fur Butter applied, but I had no trouble with her for 10 minutes and that was enough to not only deeply condition her long silky schnauzer hair, but she was almost itch free for almost a week.

Now, we’ve tried many things: oatmeal shampoos, itch creams, sprays, probably hundreds of dollars worth of stuff over the lifetime of three precious schnauzer friends. Fur Butter wins hands down! I’ll never give up sending Maggie to a professional groomer when she needs a haircut, but now I can easily take care of the maintenance bath on my own.

Hips and Curves

Sexy plus-size lingerie, beautiful plus-size negligees and lingerie, corsets, bustiers, lace-ups, romantic costumes for the plus-size woman. Accessories for your romantic life include beautiful shoes, softly erotic stories, costumes, portable dancing pole, and more. This is sexy dress-up for the big, beautiful woman!

Click for

House of Brides

Plus Size Wedding Dresses Save up to 70% off

House of Brides is the oldest bridal name in America. House of Brides offers everything for your Wedding, all 20% – 40% off retail prices. As a large retail chain selling Worldwide in volume, we can offer our customers the same designer collections they find at more expensive bridal shops for incredibly lower prices!

Bridesmaid dresses, plus-size wedding dresses, wedding dresses for every budget, at up to 70% off. House of Brides offers hot looks for prom or special occasions and they have all your favorite ways to save: rewards, gifts cards, etc. Your beautiful wedding day begins at House of Brides

House of Brides World’s Largest Online Wedding Store


Working on a project that could be enhanced by Clip Art? Look no further than iClipArt! They have hundreds of down loadable pieces of clip art immediately available. – millions of downloadable royalty-free clipart images, photos, objects, web graphics, sounds and fonts by subscription.

Jane Stone Jewelry

Jane Stone Jewelry will give you an edge in trendy designs. A recent purchaser got a dozen compliments on her necklace the very first time she put it on!

Find your favourite on Jane Stone

Here’s what you’ll love about Jane Stone:

  • The styles are fresh and fun; you’ll always see what’s trending worldwide.
  • Shipping is free and global!
  • Jane Stone has necklaces, bracelets, rings, even beautiful brooches.
  • You can send your own design for a custom piece!
  • The Prices! You’re going to love the prices.

Save 15% off site wide at Jane Stone! Enter code JANESTONE at checkout. This coupon is ONGOING with no expiration date.

JC Whitney

JC Whitney - Jeep parts and accessories

JC Whitney, the wizards of automotive. This company has been around almost as long as cars. Did you know they also provide parts, accessories, and advice for VW’s, Jeeps, RV’s, ATVs, Motorhomes, Motorcycles, and more?

Click for

Jewel Basket

This is a HUGE jewelry store with products and prices in every range. I like the nice selection of crosses, including Celtic cross jewelry and inspirational necklaces, bracelets, etc. They also have medical ID bracelets, which can prevent a tragedy in the case of allergies, heart conditions, diabetes and other health issues that should be identified quickly. There is a very nice across-the-board selection of gift and fashion jewelry, too.

Over 2,000 discounted jewelry & gift items on sale now at – Click Here


Expect Great Things at

Kohls is a great department store for mid-priced name brands in apparel and home functionality. Add a beautiful line of cosmetics, shoes, luggage, and great dining, entertainment serving pieces and quality cookware.

Click for Kohl's

Life Uniform Scrubs and Medical Uniforms

If you work in the medical profession, you know the value of good scrubs. Why settle for just good enough when Life Uniform gives you the finest at great prices. Life Uniform!

Shop nursing scrubs for women at

Lillian Vernon

Lillian Vernon Online

Great personalized gifts. Fabulous children’s creative play toys. Nice ideas for people who are hard to buy gifts for. Incredible household solutions that make you more organized, a better hostess, and more able to cope with little problems around the house.

Lillian Vernon Online

Little Giant Ladders

You’ve seen the Little Giant Ladders on TV. Yes, this is the same versatile all-in-one ladder you’ve seen demonstrated. Need a stepladder? Need an extension ladder? Need a platform? If you’re a homeowner, then you know that just the basic maintenance chores around the house call for something different in the way of a ladder almost every time.

Quick, step up and change that light bulb. Honey, how are we going to get clear up by the chimney? I would love to clean the siding, dear, but it’s going to take a platform; I just can’t be running up and down a ladder every couple of minutes with a bucket and a scrub brush. Sound familiar? You’re ready for a Little Giant Ladder system.

Our personal triumph with the multipurpose ladder system was when our sailboat spent the winter on dry land. We needed an extension ladder as soon as it got set down in the cradle because now it was 12 feet up in the air! We had to have total trust in the means we used to climb up into the boat to get the cover on and everything lashed down for the winter. Come spring, we needed both an extension ladder and a platform so we could take care of painting, scrubbing, waxing and all the little things that crop up before boating season starts.

The best part about finding all the various ladders we needed in one ladder system? We could fold it up to a size that fit in the back of the small SUV we drive and still leave room for all the buckets, cushions, boxes, bags and totes that go along with driving 2 hours away to work on the boat.

You might be lucky enough to have all your projects on or under one roof, so to speak. But the Little Giant Ladder System is still the ideal way to take care of all types of projects without a second thought about how you’re going to get up there. Little Giant Ladder Systems and all the bells and whistles you might want to go with it.

Luggage Guy

LuggageGuy Logo

You’ll find all the top name brands at Luggage Guy. And they guarantee the lowest price! Find a lower price legitimately advertised elsewhere within 30 days of your purchase, contact Customer Service and they’ll match it!

January is a great time to buy luggage. It’s winter vacation time and we’re just a few short weeks from Spring Break travel. Airlines and cruise lines are kind of hard on your bags, so check before you head out to make sure you don’t need a replacement for your favorite size bag.

Here’s your link to Shop Luggage Guy.


Contemporary Lighting, Modern Ceiling Fans, Modern Home Accessories

Lumens: green never looked so good! Find your favorite designs in lighting, accessories and decor items with a punch! Bring some light and some fun to your decorating plans with Lumens. See a complete gallery of fabulous lighting choices at Lumens.

Free shipping on modern fans from Wide selection of ceiling fans by the Modern Fan Company, Minka Aire, Fanimation and more!

Magazine Discount Center

MagazineDiscountCenter is a web-based company which for over 20 years has provided customers just like you with a way to get affordable, dependable, and reliable magazine subscriptions at just a fraction of the cover price.

Discount magazine subscription categories range includes Arts & Crafts, Automobile, Business & Finance, Children, Computers & Internet, Entertainment, Fashion and Beauty, Food & Cooking, Games & Hobbies, General Interest, Health & Fitness, History, Home and Garden, Lifestyle, Literary, Men’s Interest, News & Politics, Parenting, Pets, Science & Nature, Spanish, Sports & Recreation, Teens, Travel & Regional, and Women’s Interest.

Read more and save with Magazine Discount Center!


Magellan's Travel

Are you a road warrior? Do you travel frequently for business or pleasure? If your answer is yes, then you know that frequent travelers look for ways to lighten up, make life on the road easier, and still look sharp no matter what the activity changes of the day might bring. Magellans is a store for travelers. Special wardrobe additions that help you look good no matter what the weather or the clothing care conditions. Luggage and packing aids abound, too.

Click for Magellan's Web Specials

Mario Badescu

For over 40 years, Mario Badescu Skin Care has provided personalized skin care treatments and products for people just like you (and for supermodels!). We offer spa and skin care services not just to celebrities, but to individuals across the world who appreciate the importance of caring for your skin.
Our proven line of products helps thousands each day fight acne, treat rosacea, cure teen pimples and whiteheads, and help their mothers and grandmothers coddle their aging skin. From cleansers, astringents, and moisturizers to exfoliants and eye creams, Mario Badescu Skin Care offers a comprehensive array of products for all of your needs.


Mwave, the electronics playground and specialty item IT department’s dream. Towers, wireless keyboards, unlocked phones, antennas, motherboards, projector lamps, you get the idea. Too many items to ever list even the categories. If you love to browse electronics, gadgets and gaming accessories, you’ll love Mwave.

Projector Lamps at incredible prices! Use our lamp finder to find the right projector lamp for your projector.

My Nursing Uniforms

Shopping for medical scrubs can be fun and full of great bargains, but first you need to find an online scrubs store that offers selection, sizes, style and great prices. Combine that with easy to find and good customer satisfaction and you have My Nursing Uniforms

All the top brands of medical scrubs, nurses scrubs, scrub pants, scrub tops, and more. Free shipping on Orders of $100 and Rock Bottom Prices on Dickies Hip Flip Scrubs. Click here!

My Tights

Luxury to Everyday Hosiery from your Desktop to your Door only at

The aim of is to have hosiery suitable for every size, shape and occasion. To make sure that you find exactly what you want, products have been examined in detail as well as being tested so that every aspect of each product is clearly described in simple terms.

Quality service is as important as having a quality product, with efficient fullfilment and customer service. Orders received before 3.30pm (provided items are in stock) are shipped the same day by first class mail and inquiries are dealt with promptly.

Ornament Shop

Personalized Baby Ornaments

Personalized Holiday Plaques Ornaments

OrnamentShop has been around since 1983, providing discerning shoppers with unique and distinctive holiday gifts, collectibles and Christmas ornaments. People tell us we’re the largest company of our type in the Christmas ornaments industry.

Whether it’s ornaments for Christmas, to celebrate a wedding, personalized ornaments for a new baby or having ornaments personalized for Grandparents, the Ornament Shop should be at the head of the list!


Orvis; for the hunter, fisher, gatherer that lives inside of all – the finest in clothing, equipment, and accessories for all of life’s pleasures in the great outdoors and the comfort of snuggling in at home afterwards. If you live close to Nature, you’ll live more comfortably when you find Orvis.

Click to shop Orvis

468*60 Country Home Collection

Panda Software

Buy Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 for $32.47

Tired of Ad-ware, Spyware, Viruses on your computer. Then it’s time to to take a look at Panda Security. Panda Security offers the type of protection that today’s computers need. Panda Security!

Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 for 24 months


There are many tips and tricks for getting the most out of every busy day, but there’s one you might have dreamed about and then dismissed – get your groceries delivered. Think about the time savings: no more backtracking through the monster store to get the best deal or feeling guilty at the quick stop when you pay $1 more for something than it’s worth. Now think about how many times you handle EACH item. Once to put in the cart, once to get it on the belt. Now put it in the cart again and carry it to the car. Pick it up and get it in the back, drive it home and pick it up again to carry inside. You’re almost there – you only have to pick it up a minimum of 2 more times to actually use it!

My guess is that when you think about grocery delivery, you think of it as a luxury your grandmother wouldn’t approve. Here’s something to think about. In the days before TV ads convinced people that the perfect home had a woman standing inside with a mop and cleaner, keeping her shiny new appliances running, many homes took grocery delivery for granted.

Whether you manage your own home and household or pay someone else to do it, the time could be used most efficiently by having basic staples and supplies delivered. At the point of delivery you are so close to being ready to prepare a healthy meal, you might actually have the time and energy left to do it. Now let me tell you a little bit about PeaPod, a service that does just that.

PeaPod is available in areas across the country. You can select your grocery items and have them delivered for about $6.95. Depending on where you shop, that might be less than you’re paying for gas, not counting lost time. Your next question probably concerns the quality of what you’re choosing and having brought directly to your door.

PeaPod says they are picker than you when it comes to choosing groceries for your home. First, you control the ordering process, and second, they have no reason to bring you unsatisfactory food. PeaPod would like to keep you as a regular customer and the way to do that is to be more reliable than even your family members when it comes to running to the store for you.

I say for $6.95, you can afford to take a look. It might be the best timesaving tip you ever listened


Red Hats and More

The Red Hat Society created by women “of a certain age” (50) calls for dressing up in red hats and purple clothes and painting the town with your posse of friends. Sometimes interesting Red Hats and accessories are hard to find. Red Hats and More is a great place to look and the perfect place to grab the right gift for your girlfriend’s 50th birthday.

Click here for Red Hat Society Store

Reminder Band

Rubber Wristbands. You Pick the Colors, Phrase / Logo,
Min. 20, No Fees, In Under 10 Days

Looking for a way to celebrate a special event…or raise funds for your group? Why not a Reminder Band?
Reminder Bands are GREAT for for a party, a championship game, a memorial service, school fundraising event, or any special event and Priority Shipping orders usually arrive in 6 business days or less from when your order was placed!

You’ve seen them, now wear one…Reminder Band!


Find Discounted Restaurant and Kitchen Supplies at

Super warehouse for office supplies, janitorial supplies, restaurant and other business supplies. Need a storage shed for out back? Need a jumbo paperclip? Presentation materials? Dispenser tape? Handwashing station? This is where your main business account should be.

Click for 200,000 New Items. Fast Delivery. 110% Low Price Guarantee.

Russian Legacy

Items of all types imported direct from Russian Federation. Best know for largest selection of nesting dolls and decorative eggs. Other favorites include crystal bells, handmade wooden painted Santas, used Military uniforms, mostly Soviet, hockey shirts, Soviet propaganda- posters, pins, etc.
More: Russian fur hats, Samavars, woven table linens, handwoven scarves and cloths, carved wooden toys and carved wooden kitchen accessories, hand-painted lacquer boxes, jewelry boxes, music boxes. There are literally thousands and thousands of items imported and of gift and collectible quality. One unique idea I would have never come up with: Nesting dolls painted from photos to match the wedding party.

Click for Russian Legacy, Inc.

Same Day Music

This is where the professional musicians select their gear. Seriously. Everything in stock is shipped same day and the prices are consistantly low. All the name brand manufacturers of instruments and equipment. Audio, recording, Studio, microphones, cables, amps, speakers, to the tune of 6000+ different product SKUs.

Click for Same Day Music

This is the big online scrapbook store you’ve heard about. Tutorials, forums, advice, help, supplies, designs, backgrounds, borders, tools and storage. There are enough how-to-scrapbook articles to keep you busy for a season!

Purchase scrapbooking supplies from the Superstore!


SheIn offers great sales on a continuous basis:

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Sid Fey Designs – Love is a Rose

Roses dipped in gold is how it started. Now there are more romantic “I’m in love with you” gifts and relationship books available. What I found that people might miss is the beautiful family plaques that can be created. The Family Tree with birthstones is absolutely a heart sweller. This is something worth planning with others in the family to present to Mom and Dad for an anniversary or family reunion gathering. Awesome!

Click for sid fey designs

Slipcover Shop

Save up to $50 off Furniture Slipcovers.

Rejuvinate your entire decor with slipcovers! They’re not just polyester drapes anymore. Stuck with a hand-me-down sofa or chair that is structurally sound, but just UGLY? Slipcover shop to the rescue.

Slipcovers For Less

Save up to $50 Off Slipcovers

Soft Surroundings

Shop Top Rated Products at!

Unusually gentle marketing. Everything here is for the purpose of surrounding you with softness. Clothing, home decor and fabulous bedding are a few things you’ll find here. There are softness ratings, so you can decide to only look at items in the “cloud” category you prefer. Things I found – super soft and still beautiful pet bed that matched a beautiful comforter. A bath robe and a shower wrap that looked so comfortable I would be afraid to put them on for fear I would never want to take them off.

Click for Soft Surroundings

Stuffed Animals

This is a fairly new store with a great name for remembering what they sell! They have a nice inventory and they ship really quick. The packaging is good enough that you could ship a gift direct and not worry. It’s not actually gift-wrapped, but the presentation of the white box and tape is good! The prices are extraordinarily good – these are prices that make you buy more than you even planned! Brand name stuffed toys, including very popular current choices. They also carry all the Ty lines.

Click for StuffedAnimals.comâ„¢

Stuffed Ark

Noah presides over these realistic plush collection here. There are lots of reasons people look for realistic stuffed plush toys, and Stuffed Ark makes it a point to carry as many versions of every creature on earth as possible. Some oddball examples of recent buys: Beluga whale for an engagement party centerpiece (It was “their” animal), a calico cat for Grandma to take to the nursing home with her, since Fluffy had to stay behind, Peter Rabbit for a preschool Easter presentation, and just recently: somebody wanted to give the coworker a message that he was a skunk! You get the idea. This will become your first stop when you need stuffed plush toy animals.

Click for Stuffed

Gag Gifts From

We love just for the pure hilarity. Take your WTF stamp to the office and watch your friends fight over who gets to borrow it. In fact, we had to include in our online mall just because there were so many awesome things to keep at work for extraordinary fun and games.

Not everyone is right for a gift from But for those friends and co-workers who love to laugh and carry on? PERFECT! And if nothing else, arm your own desk with fun ways to crack up a long boring meeting.

looking for that WTF stamp?


Everyone loves Target – especially their designer looks for discount prices and their TV commercials. There’s always something wonderful for your home or for your family at Target.

Target Bullseye Logo Brand static (141x178)

Target is a favorite because you can browse for great designer ideas for your home, your wardrobe, your landscape. And when you load up your cart with goodies, you get so much more for your money because discounts and designers go together at Target!

The River’s Edge

The River’s Edge has been taking care of their fishing buddies for more than 25 years. This is the finest gear you can find and it’s available at The River’s Edge for one reason. The products they sell work to bring you the best fishing experience possible. Fly fishing specialists have served the customers of The River’s Edge with the best advice, the best rods, the best everything-you-need and it worked! Customers return again and again to see what’s new, what’s proven, what’s on sale…. at The River’s Edge.

The Wright Stuff Home Healthcare aids

Does someone you care for need help with everyday tasks like washing, dressing, grooming, or even eating? It’s obvious when you browse this store that the people who create or select their products understand the daunting task of caregiving and living with physical challanges that disability or aging bring about. This store has been featured numerous times and honored with awards for the unique designs and thoughtful aids to everyday living.

Click for

Things From Another World

Collectibles such as comics, dvds, movie figurines, TV character collectibles, anime, whimsical, and so much more it’s hard to know where to begin. This is the home of Dark Horse Comics, too. If you are a fan of anything, you owe it to yourself to browse here for awhile. This merchant has been serving their customers forever through mailorder catalogs and a couple of brick and mortar stores. Now they’re online and the frenzy is on!

Visit Things From Another World for a massive selection of Star Wars, Hellboy, Manga, Superheroes and other pop culture favorites.

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints was born in Spring 2004, and has been very fortunate to serve their very loyal and passionate customers who share the same appreciation for giving great stationery. They love what they do and find great joy in helping parents find the perfect design and paper that inspires and leaves a lasting impression. Their designers have created birth announcements and related baby stationery for many celebrity parents, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Gwen Stefani, Jaime Pressly, Reese Witherspoon, Debra Messing, Maria Shriver, Adam Sandler, Al Roker, Charles Schwab and Harry Connick Jr.

If you are not expecting, pass the name along to a friend that is…Tiny Prints!

Tiny Prints Personalized Birthday Party Invitations

Ty’s Toy Box

Ty’s Toy Box is a favorite among kids and parents alike because of several things: First – this is the place to find ALL of your child’s favorite licensed character items. If I name just a few, it will be a drop in the bucket of all the characters available at Ty’s Toy Box. Dora The Explorer and her friend Diego, Bob the Builder, Thomas Tank, Strawberry Shortcake, Teen Titans – they all come well stocked and priced right at Ty’s Toy Box.

The second thing is that you’re not limited to just a play set featuring your TV or Movie character. Choose party supplies, apparel, costumes, room decor, toys, DVDs, CDs, and playsets. If your son or daughter is looking for something specific, it’s probably available at Ty’s Toy Box.

Click here for Ty’s Toy Box

Wal-Mart USA, LLC

Walmart discount shopping, Walmart photo services, Walmart clothes for the whole family, Walmart books, movies, DVDs, CDs, Walmart Electronics, Walmart computers, Walmart gaming systems, Walmart games, Walmart toys and fun for the whole family! And Free Shipping from site to store – what a way to take advantage of convenience and easy shopping at Walmart! USA, LLC

Wedding Paper Divas

From “save the date” to printed invites to your first anniversary, Wedding Paper Divas has you covered for fine papers, printed cards, wedding invitations, shower thank yous and everything before, after, and in between. There’s not much point in looking elsewhere; Wedding Paper Divas has the huge selection you want, the service you need and the prices you were only hoping for!

Wedding Invitations by Wedding Paper Divas