LunchBreakShopping.com was created in 2004 as the first web mall owned and operated by jMoore! Publishing and Marketing. The success of LunchBreakShopping.com is seen in the number of new stores requesting space in the online shopping mall.

The initial concept was pretty simple; people who work all day are spending every spare minute they have – not with their children, not at home, not taking care of themselves – but running back and forth across town just trying to keep up with their errands. Why not condense the majority of your shopping into easy to find stores available right at your desk?

Think about the last time you ran out to do a few errands on your lunch hour. First, you had to let your co-workers know that you were running out; everyone knows you might be delayed getting back and you need them prepared to “cover for you”, right? Did you have to stop and get gas? Try and figure out where to grab a drive-thru window bite to eat? Look at that line! No time to eat – I’ll grab something on the way back!

Chances are, you got one thing done and it was time to scurry back. Tired, cranky, no relaxing break or even anything healthy to eat – just traffic rage, a bigger to-do list than when you started and hopefully someone will point out the mustard drop on your shirt before your afternoon meeting starts.

It doesn’t have to be this way! So much of your everyday shopping chores are repetitive and mindless and no fun at all. Quite a few things could be clicked over and done with in just a few minutes while you eat a nice grilled chicken salad at your desk. It’s safer than ever to shop online and I’ll take my chances with good merchants online with their security systems and locked secure info pages all day long over the minimum wage clerk at the store down the street who might take advantage of the credit card I left on the counter in my haste to get paid and out of there over lunch.

LunchBreakShopping.com started with just over 100 stores in 2004 and today has hundreds of merchants ready and waiting to make your life easier. If you don’t even have time to shop at your desk during lunch, then don’t forget the convenience of online shopping at 10:30 pm (in your pajamas!). Online shopping is so convenient that it’s ready and waiting for you 24/7. Take advantage and simplify your life.

LunchBreakShopping.com is an online shopping mall. Just like the mall across town, we are not the actual merchant. We are not paid rent or advertising fees. We list hundreds of merchants, more than you’ll find in any bricks and morter mall you have access to, arranged alphabetically and by category or departments for your convenience. It’s a win-win for everyone; online merchants can offer lower prices because the cost of overhead is reduced for them. They can offer specials and clearance prices and sometimes free shipping on qualifying orders.

We appreciate your use of LunchBreakShopping.com as your preferred online shopping mall. Be sure and bookmark us so you can simplify your life over and over again! Thanks a million!

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